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ScienceTech+ Kid$ Workshops: A series of 25 workshops to have a prosper future in entrepreneurs

Kids are the best options to invest on them and to establish startups on their innovative ideas. IT has created a big cloud of communications even among the kids and they are wondering about their futures.

During the first questionnaire by ST+ Kids team, we found almost all the kids have a lot of innovative ideas and want to run their own business in future instead of being an employee just. To make their dreams true, ScienceTech+ team planed a series of 25 workshops from innovation, creativity to team building and team leadership. They were trained to establish their own business and to lead the team. They are very ambitious to reduce their social challenges and to earn their own money.

ScienceTech+ kids workshops are the first step of ST+ Kids program and second step of this program, they will be trained to establish their own startups and team and in third step, a festival of ST+ kids will be organized where all governmental, private and general public will be invited to visit the kids entrepreneurship projects and pitching competitions will be organized to select the ST+ entrepreneur kids of 2017.

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Leading gathering of international students, entrepreneurs and investors from ECO countries for the rise of interdisciplinary and multinational startups. It will held on 7-8 December, 2017 at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran